City Logistic reduces congestion and emissions by rethinking city logistics with a customer-centric focus and electrified deliveries.

What we do

Customer-centric deliveries

We help our customers with deliveries that suit them, consolidated when they need them in a flow they want, and even handle reverse logistics

Green deliveries

We use micro hubs so we can be close to our customers and use the full potential of electric vehicles from bikes to vans and trucks.

Reducing congestion

We reduce congestion by consolidating deliveries across carriers and keep the large trucks outside the city center.

The challenge

Congestion in the cities is exploding. Inner-city congestion is growing by 16% pr. annum.

Increasingly complex Supply Chains pushes deliveries to the receiver with no room for customization

Today more than 90% of parcels and pallets are delivered in diesel vans and trucks

Retailers, carriers and public institutions need to find new last-mile logistic solutions

New city regulations are being implemented across the EU
— diesel is being banned —

40 cities have now signed the GHS declaration committing to zero emissions
and more are joining

Rethinking the infrastructure model so it solves the problems integrating the latest technology and sustainable development

Transport Solution

Typical transport solution

Many deliveries from different carriers throughout the day

City logistic solution

Single delivery handled by one supplier when needed

Electric transportation already exists and so does renewable energy. When combined right, we can solve the infrastructure needs. That is the future we strive towards.

City Logistic is the seamless facilitator of last-mile delivery with a full ecosystem

Our mission is to accelerate the local and global transition towards sustainable last-mile solutions by the use of proprietary technology and improved efficiency

Our vision is to become the preferred last-mile logistic partner through customer-centric deliveries. That while reducing cost, congestion and emissions.

City logistics has gone beyond proof of concept into a successful revenue generator.


Danish cities onboard


International pilot cities 2021-2022


Hubs cover +65% of DK

City Logistic is all about:

Complete logistic ecosystem

City Logistic coordinates goods according to receiver requirements whether it be warehousing, delivery to the receiver, or direct third-party delivery

Receiver oriented approach

City Logistic adapts deliveries to fit customer needs, i.e. time and place of delivery according to customer wishes

Tech and service provider

City Logistic offers a full-service concept, enabling its customers to save time, capacity and resources. i.e. warehousing, package handling, postal services, return shipments and waste and packaging

Subscription-based services

City Logistic offers a monthly subscription-based service model combined with additional value-added services

Environmentally green

City Logistic only uses electric-powered vehicles, reduces traffic intensity and pollution footprint due to the consolidation of deliveries

Market data intelligence

Exclusive access to validated green environmental effects e.g. CO2 effect, congestion savings. Unique understanding of inner-city mobility flows e.g. driving patterns, ordering patterns, route planning

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