We take responsibility

City Logistic takes a responsible role towards a sustainable society

No social dumping

Change society towards sustainable solutions

Responsible behaviors towards all stakeholders

Inclusion of soft employees


ESG and City Logistic go hand in hand. Cleaner cities and a cleaner environment are central in all we work for. Below we have put our operations up against the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

ESG in a Global context for us starts with our employees. We need to take care of them making sure they have proper working conditions, work in a safe environment and are happy and healthy at work.

Therefore we at City Logistic also embrace those that don’t fit into boxes. Those that might come from a different background and might need a flex job – or only are able to work part-time or very little time, perhaps due to a mental or physical disability, temporary or permanent. We think it is our obligation to include and take responsibility. City Logistic is a workplace for everybody.

City Logistic is a workplace for everybody (SDG3, SDG5), we daily reduce congestion in the cities (SDG11) with our new infrastructure model (SDG9) and we reduce CO2 every minute we transport a package (SDG13). Finally, we seek partnerships that strive to achieve our goals of better standards for Sustainable Development (SDG17).

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