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City Logistic vervollständigt die Flotte mit Elektro-Lkw

From 1 September, two new MAN eTGM trucks will be part of City Logistics’ fleet. MAN eTGM is a 100% electric 26 ton truck. The two electric trucks will drive for customers such as Matas and DSV as well as Lyngby, Roskilde, Fredensborg and Hørsholm municipalities.

“I am proud that City Logistic is at the forefront of the green transition and addressing cities’ last mile challenges with a 100% electric fleet. It’s great to see an increasing number of municipalities as well as companies join our sustainable solution and thereby reduce their CO2 footprint, “said Peter Bardenfleth, Group CEO of City Logistic.

City Logistic not only wants to reduce environmental impact and CO2 emissions within delivery and distribution, but also to take part in reducing congestion on the roads and making cities greener.

“At Matas, we have a very ambitious goal for reducing our CO2 consumption. That’s why we are happy to collaborate with City Logistic, a frontrunner in the use of electric vans and electric trucks in Denmark,” says Brian Gøbel Poulsen, Logistics Director at Matas.

And the results speak for themselves. Calculations from Lyngby municipality show a reduction in congestion by 57% and CO2 emissions by 98% compared to the municipality’s previous distribution set-up.

The two new electric trucks are only the first step. City Logistic will continuously expand its fleet, so that City Logistic can offer delivery and distribution to all major Danish cities, before expanding to more than 200 cities internationally.

On Thursday, 2 September, the media and journalists can visit City Logistic Roskilde to see the new electric trucks and the entire City Logistics fleet of 100% electrics bikes, vans and trucks.

For further info, press photos and comments: Contact Group CEO Peter Bardenfleth on 3125 0726 or It will also be possible to see the other electric truck at Transport 2021 in Herning on 16-18. September 2021 at MAN’s trade fair stand.

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Lokale Partnerschaft hinter ehrgeizigem Projekt zur Reduzierung von Staus und CO2 im Stadtzentrum von Lyngby

Green distribution is not a new thing in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality, who last year gathered all deliveries to the town hall in a green and environmentally friendly delivery service powered by electric vans and trucks in collaboration with City Logistic. It is this collaboration with City Logistic that the project group will now continue to work on with the hope to make this a widespread solution for the city.

„We have had good experiences with the collaboration with City Logistic. Together, we have halved the number of trucks driving to town hall. That is good for congestion in the city as well as traffic safety, and it also reduces our CO2 emissions. As a result, the municipality has expanded the scheme to apply to the entire administration and the municipality’s care centres, but we really want to include the rest of the city as well. If we can get fewer trucks to Lyngby, it can benefit both citizens, shops, and the climate,“ says Sigurd Agersnap, chairman of the Technical and Environmental Committee in Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality.

The first in Europe

With the project, Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality will be the first municipality in Denmark – and Europe – to test such a solution in an entire city.
The main concept of City Logistic is supporting green transformation on the city’s premises. This means that the city itself sets the agenda for how the city wants the traffic to be settled and the goods delivered with green transport.

„We find it very gratifying that the partners involved in the pilot project are aware of the many values that City Logistic’s concept contributes to in solving the traffic and environmental challenges any major city faces. The fact that Handelsforeningen and the Municipality have chosen to join forces in this project is a paradigm shift, which undoubtedly means that the city, as far as I know, will be the absolute leader in Europe in relation to achieving a green transition within the transport realm. Lyngby will be the first and only place in Europe where there is an agreement on the solution and scaling of the concept. Lyngby municipality has recently expanded their agreement with City Logistic, so it now also includes the care sector and with this new initiative from the stores themselves, we hope to be able to speed up the implementation process for the benefit of all,“ says founder and CEO at City Logistic, Casper Svensson
The overall goal of the project is to reduce congestion in the city centre by reducing the number of trucks that drive goods for business in Lyngby and at the same time introduce a greener and more flexible solution for electric vans-truck distribution in the city.

Reducing the number of trucks in city centre by 50 %

The combination of having one warehouse on Firskovvej 1 km from the city centre, which serves as a collection point for smaller deliveries – and handing out the goods outside the city’s rush hour in electric cars, provides a unique opportunity to both reduce the number of vans and trucks in the city centre around the clock, while contributing to the reduction of CO2 and NOX. The project thus contributes to the municipality’s goal of a 25 % CO2 reduction in 2025 compared to 2015.

„The project is another good example of how much we can do locally when we work together! In addition to all the good green goals, it is important for us in the partnership that we also contribute to reducing the increasing congestion, especially during light rail construction. There are only good effects of this project, which provides cleaner air and less congestion for our citizens and employees“, says Marianna Lubanski, director of Science City Lyngby.

The effect of the pilot test over 6 months is expected, among other things, to reduce the number of trucks in the city centre by 50%. Additionally, the project partners expect to be able to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 50%.

The hope is that the pilot project, led by Magasin and Sticks & Sushi, can convince the rest of the business community in Lyngby to join.

„It is a clear goal for Handelsforeningen – through all our members – to contribute to a better environment and less congestion in Lyngby city centre. We welcome the solution with City Logistic and we will, for our part, launch initiatives to get as many of our members as possible to the solution. Green transition is high on the agenda, and we must recognize that sustainability is a growing factor in customers’ choice of both products and business,“ says Michael Dupont, chairman of Handelsforeningen for Lyngby og omegn.

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Grüne Paketzustellung spart große Mengen CO2 und reduziert den Schwerverkehr im Herzen von Lyngby

Lyngby City Hall has for one year run a trial period with the service company Citylogistik, where all non-food deliveries are handled at a storage outside Lyngby town center and are delivered in electric-powered cars to the City Hall once a day.

An evaluation of the trial period has shown that:

  1. The number of parcel transports to the City Hall has been reduced by 57%, corresponding
    to 300 deliveries a year.
  2. The reduced number of trips into the city center is made in smaller electric cars rather than in diesel-powered trucks / vans. As a result, the CO2 emission for the transfers from the storage to the City Hall has been reduced from 782 kg CO2 to 13 kg CO2, a CO2 reduction of 98%.
  3. Several companies and shops have signed up to Citylogistik’s concept during the trial period. This has, according to Citylogistik, meant that more than 25,000 kg CO2 / year has been saved using their delivery service into the city center.
  4. Lyngby-Taarbæk, together with Roskilde and Kolding municipalities, have been front runners for the concept. Several other municipalities in both North Zealand and the rest of the country are now joining the initiative – as well as municipalities in Germany and Norway.
Increasing the scope

Lyngby-Taarbæk Municipality has therefore decided to increase the scope of the agreement to include the municipality’s care centers, as well as the municipality’s departments in Lyngby Storcenter. In the long term, the municipality aims to extend the agreement to all the municipality’s buildings.
The agreement between Lyngby-Taarbæk municipality and Citylogistik is an initiative in the work to achieve the municipality’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 25% by 2025 compared to 2015.

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